Member Publications

The following members of the Context Group (some in the past, some on-going) have made lists of their publications available here. Please consider this a learning and research resource for social-scientific critical approaches to antiquity; the lists will include peer-reviewed articles and books, essays in collections, and even book reviews. As some members work in a variety of areas, each member's list has been limited to works relating in some way to the social world of antiquity; these are not necessarily the comprehensive publication-lists of the people below.


Baker, Coleman (Tarrant County College) (external site page)
Bartchy, Scott
(UCLA) (pdf)
Batten, Alicia (Conrad Grebel / University of Waterloo) (external site page)
Craffert, Pieter F. (University of South Africa)
Crook, Zeba (Carleton University)
DeMaris, Richard (Valparaiso University) (external site page)
de Vos, Craig
Duling, Dennis (Canisius College) (external site page)
Elliott, John H. (University of San Francisco, Emeritus)
Esler, Philip F. (University of Gloucestershire)
Guijarro, Santiago
(Pontifical University of Salamanca)
Kloppenborg, John S. (University of Toronto)
Kok, Kobus (University of Pretoria)
Lamoreaux, Jason T.
Moxnes, Halvor (University of Oslo) (external site page)
Neufeld, Dietmar (University of British Columbia)
Oakman, Douglas (Pacific Lutheran Seminary)
Pilch, John J. (Georgetown University) (external site page)
Rhoads, David (Lutheran School of Theology, Emeritus)
Taylor, Walter F. (Trinity Lutheran Seminary)
Uro, Risto (University of Helsinki)

Van Eck, Ernest (University of Pretoria)
Vearncombe, Erin
(University of Toronto)
Watson, David (United Theological Seminary)
Williams, Ritva (Augustana College)