The Context Group is a working group of international scholars committed to the use of the social sciences in biblical interpretation. The group emerged in the late 1980s from earlier associations in the SBL and CBA. Members meet annually to work together on collaborative projects and to offer peer review of individual ones. Annual meetings alternate between West Coast (usually Portland, OR), and East Coast/Central, and thus we are always open to new venues and invitations. Newcomers are always welcome. Due to the popularity of these events, protocols for the meetings should be consulted.

Membership consists in nothing more than receiving email announcements and expressing an interest in presenting a paper at a Context Group meeting. If this interests you, please contact:

Dr. Eric Stewart
Dept of Religion, Augustana College
639 38th Street, Rock Island IL 61201

Annual Meeting Information

The 2016 annual meeting will be held March 17-20 at Menucha Retreat and Conference Center (in Corbett, near Portland, Oregon). Access to the presentation papers is available only to registrants. To register for the meeting, contact Ritva Williams <>; if you are trying to access the papers but cannot, please contact Zeba Crook.

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